Robot Vacuum Cleaner Reviews of December 2017: Best Robot Vacuums Compared by Our Cleaning Experts

Finding the best robot vacuum cleaner requires proper understanding about what you really need from the product and what the product has to offer. Like in the case with most products, there is no one size that fits all. Your needs and priorities define which device is the best for you. This is why it is important to take note of what you need from your vacuum cleaner and to do your due diligence to check which of the available devices responds to these requirements.

As an example, you may consider Dyson 360. It is one of the most reputable devices in terms of powerful suction capability, intelligent mapping sensors, WiFi connectivity and ideal for almost all types of floors. It may seem like a complete package, however the downside to this product is its design. Unlike, other devices Dyson 360 does not have a low profile design. So, if you are looking for something that can easily slide under your furniture, then Dyson 360 Eye may not be the best choice. You can only understand these types of situations if you are keen on both the product details and your needs.

To help you through the process and make sure that you invest on the best vacuum cleaner for your needs, here is something you’ll like:

How to Buy a Robot Vacuum?

#1 Know You Needs

The best way to start your robot vacuum cleaner shopping is to determine your needs which will define your purpose for buying a robot vacuum cleaner. Knowing your needs and purpose for buying robot vacuum cleaner can help keep you on the right track and save you from getting caught in the hype or manipulative marketing campaigns while you do your shopping.

#2 Identify the Why

There are different reasons why people need a robot vacuum cleaner. One of the most common reasons is to buy them time. One of the primary features of a robot vacuum cleaner is its ability to work independently or with minimal supervision. This enables its owners to dedicate more time on other tasks without compensating for the cleanliness of their home.

Another primary reason is physical limitation. Elderly and people with disability often suffer from physical limitations preventing them from conveniently performing daily cleaning tasks. Since cleaning under furnitures or moving around the house require a great deal of physical work or labor, it would be nice to have a companion or tools that can do this for you, thus the need for a robot vacuum cleaner. Most robot vacuum cleaners can effortlessly clean under furnitures without any hassle or move around the house independently without straining or engaging their owners in any strenuous physical work.

#3 The size of your home

The size of your home is another important factor that you must consider when shopping for a robot vacuum cleaner. Robot vacuum cleaners usually include the area that it can cover per cycle or the number of minutes it can run per complete battery charge. You need to match the size of your home to the battery life of the robot vacuum cleaner to ensure that you have an energy and time efficient vacuum cleaner.

A robot vacuum cleaner with limited battery life may efficiently cover a small home. However, it will be impractical to use it in large or spacious homes since there is a big chance that it’ll be spending more time charging itself than doing the actual vacuum cleaning. As a result, instead of coming home to a freshly vacuumed home, you come home to haphazardly done floors.

For customers with bigger homes, if you have enough budget, it is best to consider robot vacuum cleaners with smart detect function. The smart detect feature enables robot vacuum cleaners to identify which part of the house it has already vacuumed and where it’s supposed to resume vacuuming after it’s done recharging. This way your robot vacuum cleaner will not have to waste its time cleaning the spot all over again.

#4 The type of floor that you have

The type of floor that you have has a great impact on the type of robot vacuum cleaner that you should buy. You have to note that not all robot vacuum cleaners are created the same. Some robot vacuum cleaners work well with hardwood floors, tiles, vinyl and thin carpeting, but may perform poorly when use on thick carpet floors.

When the floor type and the robot vacuum cleaner does not much, it automatically defeats the purpose of having a robot vacuum cleaner. A robot vacuum cleaner can only perform its duty efficiently if it supports the type of floor that you have. Otherwise, you are only wasting time and energy using robot vacuum cleaner since it won’t be able to clean your floor anyway.

For homes with multiple type of floors, it is highly recommended that you use robot vacuum cleaners that have the ability to support a wide range of floor types or a robot cleaner with sensor that automatically adjusts its settings based on the floor type it need to work on. This is so your robot vacuum cleaner can continuously perform vacuum cleaning on all the areas of your home without the need for your interference.

#5 Do you have a pet?

Having a pet is an important consideration in choosing the right robot vacuum cleaner.  In fact, many robot vacuum cleaners actually include this in their specification. One of the problems with having a pet in your home is they tend to endlessly shed fur, which translates to never ending vacuuming or sweeping in order to keep the fur from building up on your floor or carpet. This problem can be made easy with the help of a suitable robot vacuum cleaner.

You have to note that some robot vacuum cleaners, even those who claim that they can deal with pet hair, have trouble keeping up with their promise. This is why you have to be extra meticulous if this is one of your reasons or priorities for buying a robot vacuum cleaner.

#6 Budget

Of course, all these considerations and needs should go well with your set budget. To ensure that you are setting a realistic budget, you must take your time to look around and find out what are your available options. Check out the price range and find out how you can fit your requirements for the amount of money you are willing to invest on your new robot vacuum cleaner. With the numerous available choices in the market, finding he right one that matches your budget should not be a problem.

What to Look for in a Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Once you have identified your needs from a robot vacuum cleaner, the next step will be knowing what to look for from a robot vacuum cleaner. Aside from making sure that a robot vacuum cleaner has your specific requirements, there are also other crucial features and aspects that you need to look into from a robot vacuum cleaner. This will help in securing your investment, especially since most of these robot vacuum cleaners can be quite pricey, and you wouldn’t want to be short-changed of your investment.

#1 Suction Power

One of the primary differences of high end and low end robot vacuum cleaners is their suction power. The suction power of the robot vacuum cleaner determines its efficiency and range of floors that it can cover. It is usually the thick carpet floors and pet hair that concerns customers who are particular about robot vacuum cleaners with powerful suction machine.

High end robot vacuum cleaners such as Dyson, iRobot and Samsung have one thing in common, they all have high suction power, allowing their products to provide support for usually challenging tasks such as high pile carpet floors and high volume of pet hair. Others who do not have these specific requirements usually settle for mid range or low end models of robot cleaner depending on their other needs or specifications.

#2 Navigation

Another feature that you should check when buying a robot vacuum cleaner is the navigation technology of the product. The navigation capability of a robot vacuum cleaner has a huge impact on its ability to work independently or with minimal supervision and human intervention. The navigation sensors of a robot vacuum cleaner help it work around obstacles and detect stairs or steps that can cause it to fall.

There are two primary types of navigation utilized by robot vacuum cleaners, the random cleaning pattern or the mapped cleaning pattern. The random cleaning pattern is one of the initial navigation technologies used in most robot vacuum cleaners. This technology is still utilized at present. In fact, more mid range and low end robot vacuum cleaners still employ this type of cleaning pattern. The random cleaning pattern works by using your home walls as the primary guide for the robot vacuum cleaner’s navigation. The robot vacuum cleaner will continue to tread a straight line by following your wall. It will then randomly change direction once it hits an obstacle such as furniture or other objects. The robot vacuum cleaner will continue to do this in a cycle with occasional spiral vacuum cleaning motion in order to cover a wider space. This type of cleaning pattern may work well with small or limited space, but can be quite problematic when dealing with large spaces. Robot vacuum cleaners with random cleaning pattern don’t go well with big spaces because it will likely miss a lot of areas since the walls that it uses as navigation guide are will be too far apart.

Mapped cleaning pattern on the other hand is the latest navigation technology utilized by high end robot vacuum cleaner manufacturers like Samsung and Neato. This technology usually utilizes laser sensors that detect the walls and the ceiling of your home in order to create a grid like map pattern that will serve as the guide of the robotic vacuum cleaner as it vacuums your home in a systematic vertical and horizontal fashion. This type of cleaning pattern requires top of the line sensors and camera for mapping, which is one of the main reasons why robot cleaners with this type of navigation capacity are more expensive. Another great addition from this navigation system is the ability of the robot vacuum cleaner to detect where it should resume cleaning after pausing for several hours to recharge. These features combined reduces the risk of robot cleaner from missing certain areas of your home while cleaning, resulting in an energy and time efficient robot vacuum cleaner even for large homes.

#3 Auto Charge Feature

One of the most commonly overlooked feature of robot vacuum cleaners is its ability to charge itself when running low on battery. Some customers simply assume that all robot vacuum cleaners have auto recharge feature, while others find this a trivial consideration. The auto recharge feature is actually a crucial aspect when dealing with robot vacuum cleaner and not all robot vacuum cleaners have this feature. Some robot vacuum cleaners require you to pick it up and manually plug it into an outlet in order to recharge its battery. The auto charge feature is a part of a robot vacuum cleaner’s independence or ability to perform its duty with less supervision or intervention from its owner.

Low end robot vacuum cleaners without a docking or charging station will likely need occasional supervision to ensure that it has enough battery to complete the task or if it needs to be wired for charging. This set up is not a problem for homes who have a mainstay that can take care of the matter. However, for people who have to be away from home most of the time, this can be a huge inconvenience.

#4 Battery Life and Charging Time

The battery life and charging time of a robot vacuum cleaner is an indicator of the amount of work it can complete in a day or in every cycle. The acceptable standard number of minutes per battery cycle of a robot vacuum cleaner should be at least 60 minutes. This should be enough to clean a standard-sized home. Anything lesser than this may be considered impractical, unless you only expect your robot cleaner to clean a room. Matching the battery life of your robot cleaner to the space of your house also help preserve the number of useful years of your vacuum cleaner’s batteries,

Aside from the amount of work, the battery of a robot vacuum cleaner also tells how fast it can complete cleaning your home. There are instances when a robot vacuum cleaner may be required to recharge itself before it can complete vacuuming the entire house, in which case, you can already assume that it will take more time before you can have your home completely cleaned. High end robot vacuum cleaners usually have this type of problem covered by using a more advanced type of battery, such as lithium ion batteries. This type of battery can store more battery life and have faster charging time, making it an ideal robot cleaner for spacious homes or for homes that require more thorough cleaning.

#5 Controls

There are three primary types of controls integrated on robot vacuum cleaners-  first is the built-in touch panels or controls that are found in the robot vacuum cleaner itself, second is through a remote control which comes with the robot vacuum cleaner package and third is via WiFi connectivity or through a downloadable application on your mobile phone. All these three are specifically designed to provide user interface controls which you can use to change the settings and activate the features of your robot vacuum cleaner.

The built-in touch panel is commonly found in low end robot vacuum cleaners. This is where you can set scheduled cleaning time for your robot vacuum cleaner or where you can activate the one touch button that puts your robot cleaner in auto cleaning mode. One of the disadvantages of this, is you have to locate your robot vacuum cleaner each time you want to change its settings. Note that in some cases a robot vacuum cleaner may only have a single touch button which says clean or go. This type of robot vacuum cleaner usually functions in automated mode and does not offer scheduled routine cleaning or other features. This type of low end robot cleaner usually keeps vacuuming until their battery runs out or until they need to recharge again.

Remote control robot cleaners offer more flexibility and control. Unlike with built-in touch panel where you have to manually locate your robot cleaner to change settings, remote control robot cleaners allow you to conveniently press a button and you can immediately find where your vacuum cleaner is. You only need to be within a reasonable distance so you can use your remote control to direct your vacuum cleaner to clean a specific spot or to run in areas that it missed while cleaning in auto mode. You can also simply point the remote control to change your robot cleaner to change its cleaning mode. For example, you can put it in quiet mode when you’re on the phone or when you’re putting your baby to sleep.

WiFi connect enabled robot vacuum cleaners are the latest trend these days. High end robot vacuum manufacturers are taking advantage of the accessible mobile technology by providing a downloadable mobile application that you can use to control your robot vacuum cleaner via the Internet. Making your distance from home or from your robot vacuum cleaner irrelevant in terms of manipulating and changing its settings. This is ideal for people who are often outside of their homes or are travelling. This type of connectivity allows the owner to activate the cleaning mode when they are about to come home so they can come home to freshly vacuumed floors even after being gone for several days.

#6 Dustbin Size and Dustbin Full Indicator

The dustbin size may seem like a trivial concern when choosing a robot vacuum cleaner, but the truth is this has a lot to do with how much interacting you will be doing with your robot vacuum cleaner. The only thing that is still not automated with robot vacuum cleaner is how they discharge the dust, dirt and debris that they have collected. Regardless if you are using a high end, mid range or low end robot vacuum cleaner, you will have to discharge the contents of its dustbin manually. This is the reason why the dustbin size matters.

Of course, robot vacuum cleaners with larger dustbins require less frequent discharging, but this also depends on the amount of dust, dirt or pet hair present in your home. Homes with high foot traffic usually tend to have more floor debris and contaminants which can cause the robot vacuum cleaner’s dustbin to get maximized in no time. This is why some high end robot vacuum cleaners include dustbin full indicator so you know when your dustbin needs cleaning. Low end robot vacuum cleaners either require you to manually look into the dustbin or they usually utilize see through dustbin container so you can immediately tell if you need to discard its contents.

#7 Design

There are two primary details about the design that you should take note of, one is the height and second is the shape of the robot vacuum cleaner. The height of the robot vacuum cleaner is an important consideration, especially if you have numerous furnitures inside your home. There is a reason why robot cleaner manufacturers strategically try to maintain a low profile design of their products, which is to allow their robot vacuum cleaner to easily slide under furnitures and vacuum hard to reach places without any hassle. Having no handle or cords to prevent it from going deep under your bed or cabinets, robot vacuum cleaners are an efficient way to keep dust and dirt from accumulating under your bed or other furniture at home.

The shape of the robot vacuum cleaner affects its ability to address edges and corners. Most round shaped robot vacuum cleaners have trouble cleaning corners and edges. This is the reason why round vacuum cleaners use special cleaning mode in order to address this weakness or they use a brush with long bristles in order to compensate for this limitation. On the other hand, D shaped and square shaped robot cleaners often prove to be more effective when dealing with this type of tricky spots.

#8 Repairs, Maintenance and Warranty

Like all your other home appliance, your robot vacuum cleaner is also subject to common wear and tear, which is why you need to look into the repairs and maintenance requirements when buying a robot vacuum cleaner. Some robot vacuum cleaner may require replacing of certain parts on a regular basis. Replacing the HEPA filter and the brush of your robot vacuum cleaner are some examples of maintenance that you need to monitor. You have to make sure that these parts are readily accessible to you when you need them. Check out maintenance instructions, and find out if you can commit to it. Otherwise, find another robot vacuum cleaner that has lesser maintenance requirements.

There are two primary types of robot vacuum cleaners when it comes to repairs. There are robot vacuum cleaners that you can replace by parts and there are those that require you to buy a whole new unit since there are no available replacement parts for their products. Those with available replaceable parts are usually more expensive compared to their robot vacuum cleaners with no replaceable parts.

Always check the warranty offered by the manufacturer when buying a robot vacuum cleaner. A robot vacuum cleaner has a lot of moving parts which make it prone to various mechanical problems. It is important to make sure that your investment is protected in case your unit does not hold out as promised. The standard warranty usually includes 12 months limited warranty. This should be enough to protect you against any hidden factory defects that you might encounter.

#9 Additional Features

Aside from vacuum cleaning, many robot vacuum cleaner manufacturers now include added features in their products to meet the increasing and changing demands of their customers. Some samples of these added features include mopping capabilities, HEPA filter, UV light sanitizer and more.

The mopping feature included in the robot vacuum cleaner is primarily to provide an all in one complete floor solution for the customers. So don’t be surprised if you find a vacuum cleaner that also includes mopping and sweeping functions.

The HEPA filter and UV light sanitizer are especially integrated to robot vacuum cleaners in order to provide added benefits for customers who have pets and pre-existing health conditions. Pets usually carry danders, parasites and other allergens that can agitate pre-existing medical conditions such as asthma. These contaminants can be significantly reduced by the use of HEPA filter in the robot vacuum cleaner and through the sanitizing effects of UV light.

For homes with sensitive set up or areas where you want to restrict the robot vacuum cleaner from entering, it is best to look for a robot vacuum cleaner with a virtual wall blocker feature or a similar technology. The virtual wall locker prevents your robot vacuum cleaner from accessing restricted rooms that may have a lot of cords laid out or where you keep your pets’ food and water.

These are just some samples of the added features you can find from various models of robot vacuum cleaners. Chances are, the more expensive a robot vacuum cleaner is, the more features you can utilize.

How to Find an Affordable Robot Vacuum Cleaner?

Finding an affordable robot vacuum cleaner should not be a problem with the numerous choices currently available in the market. One of the things preventing most people from getting a robot vacuum cleaner is their budget. The leading brands in robot vacuum cleaners can go as high as $1700, but there are also other robot vacuum cleaners from less popular manufacturers that can cost as low as $80. Depending on your specifications, finding an affordable robot vacuum cleaner should be easy.  To help you get started in your search, here are some tips that you can try:

#1 Determine the Functions and Features that You Nee

One of the reasons why high end robot vacuum cleaners are expensive is because their products are packed with numerous added features. Some of these features are for added convenience and not necessarily crucial for delivering efficient vacuum cleaning results. By stripping down your requirements to bare essentials, you’ll discover that there are more affordable robot vacuum cleaners in the market that can actually provide you with what you are looking for.

One example of this feature is the WiFi connectivity. Most expensive robot vacuum cleaner offer this feature which can only be useful if you are frequently travelling or if you are always away from home. Otherwise, you are better off with a functional remote control that allows you to conveniently toggle through the settings of your robot vacuum cleaner.

#2 Look for Promos and Discounts

Some manufacturers offer promos and discounts when introducing new products in the market or when holding a year end sale. Taking advantage of this type of discount and promos can cut you up to 20% from the original price of your prospect robot vacuum cleaner. You can look into online shopping sites, check out discounts offered through your credit card provider or you may look directly into the website of the manufacturer to find if they have any promos.

#3 Look for Certified Refurbished Products

Certified refurbished robot vacuum cleaners pertain to reconditioned vacuum cleaners that have been tried and tested by the manufacturer. The manufacturer warrants that these products look and function almost the same way as a new robot vacuum cleaner does. These refurbished products are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, but only for a limited period of time, and usually cost half the original price of the product. This is definitely one of the safest ways you can find affordable high end robot vacuum cleaner that you can buy.

#4 Read Reviews

Reading product reviews from reliable third-party websites like ours can help introduce you to mor options with good reputation. Many robot vacuum cleaner shoppers believe that stirring away from expensive leading robot vacuum cleaner products means compensating quality for price. The truth is, this is not always the case. As mentioned before, sometimes the price difference isn’t always about the quality, but the number of features or technology integrated into the product.

For example, a Roomba robot vacuum cleaner that offers WiFi connectivity is naturally more expensive than Eufy RoboVac that utilizes a remote control. However, reviews show that these two products have been able to collect just as much amount of dirt and debris at a specific time. The only difference is you can access Roomba wherever you are, while you can only access your RoboVac within reasonable distance.

#5 Compare

Never settle for a single option. Always try to find three to five products or robot vacuum cleaners that you can compare. Comparing your available options increases your chance of finding the best deal or value for your money. There are numerous third party shopping sites that you can visit which allows you to compare your candidate products in a systematic way. This can help speed up the comparison process and increase your accuracy in determining which product is the most affordable.

Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Best High End Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Most high end robot vacuum cleaners cost more than $500 and are from prominent robot vacuum cleaner manufacturers. Most of these products showcase top of the line technology when it comes to robot vacuum cleaners. To name a few here are some of the notable high end robot vacuum cleaners in the market:

Dyson 360 Eye

Dyson 360 Eye is  a product of Dyson, Ltd., a popular British home appliance technology company that has been around since 1987. Coming from a well-known brand, the Dyson 360 Eye is labeled as one of the notable high end robot vacuum cleaner in the market today.  One of the primary features of the 360 Eye is its advanced mapping system. This allows Dyson 360 to effectively create a vacuum cleaning path with a higher level of accuracy and resume vacuum cleaning from where it last stopped, before it went on auto charge mode. The Dyson 360 also features WiFi connectivity, enabling its owner to control its settings and features through a downloadable iOS and Android compatible application. The high suction power of this robot vacuum cleaner makes it ideal for people who have pets or high pile carpet flooring.

The only downside to this product is its limited dustbin and short battery life. The Dyson 360 Eye is an ideal robot vacuum cleaner for small to medium-sized homes.

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Samsung POWERbot VR9000

Samsung POWERbot VR9000 is a product of the popular Korean technology company Samsung. Since this product is from a globally renowned brand and is one of the expensive options in the market, it is automatically labeled as one of the notable high end robot vacuum cleaners. Like most high end robot cleaners the POWERbot VR9000 also supports remarkable suction power for a robot vacuum cleaner. In fact, most reviews claim that POWERbot VR9000 has one of the strongest suction power in the market today.  It is also integrated with advanced Visionary Mapping Plus System, which allows it to create an efficient map of your home or the area that it needs to clean. This product comes with a remote control that enables its user to manually direct it towards specific spots or areas that require vacuuming. The battery life and the dustbin of this product are also both efficient for handling long hours of vacuum cleaning or for covering large sized homes.

The only downside to this product is the loud noise it creates due to high power suction capability and often miss corners and edges when vacuuming. Overall, Samsung POWERbot VR9000 can be quite expensive, but is expected to deliver quality output even for large sized homes with pets and high pile carpet floor.

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Neato Botvac Connected

Neato Botvac Connected is a product of Neato Robotics, an American company based in California that specializes in manufacturing and selling robot vacuum cleaners. Being one of the pioneer robot vacuum cleaner companies to use mapped cleaning pattern, finding its way into the ladder of high end robot cleaners were easy for almost all Neato robot vacuum cleaner products, including Botvac Connected.

Like most of its high end counterparts the Botvac Connected is also equipped with a powerful suction machine that allows it to get the job done. Its unique design enables it to efficiently cover corner and edges that many robot cleaners often miss. The settings and features of the Botvac Connected can be changed and accessed through a downloadable mobile application that can be connected via the Internet. Aside from these features, the Botvac Connected also sports long battery life which allows it to continuously sustain its powerful suction machine.

The only downside to this product is the long charging hours and difficulty navigating through cords and chairs.  In summary, the Neato Botvac Connected is ideal for large spacious homes provided you do some pre-vacuum preparations to reduce obstacles that might block its way while vacuuming.

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iRobot Roomba 980

iRobot Roomba 980 is another popular product from the iRobot company. iRobot Corporation is an American company that specializes in technology products. The company has been around since 1990, creating various automated home cleaning solutions. Being one of the products of a well-established company when it comes to robot vacuum cleaners, Roomba 980 is easily categorized as one of the high end robot vacuum cleaners available in the market. Although the suction power of Roomba 980 is not as powerful as Dyson and Samsung, it still does amazing job when it comes to vacuum cleaning. This product also utilized its own proprietary navigation system called the Adapt 2.0 Navigation with Visual Localization. This helps Roomba 980 create an accurate navigation map of the area that it needs to vacuum. This product also has WiFi connectivity feature which can be accessed through its iRobot HOME App. The iRobot HOME App can be downloaded to your mobile device so you can monitor, manage and control the activities of your Roomba 980 even when you are away from home.

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The only downside to this product is the price. Even its replacement parts are expensive. To summarize, Roomba 980 is definitely an ideal robot for medium to large sized homes and for people who love to travel and come home to freshly vacuumed floors.

Best Mid Range Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Mid range robot vacuum cleaners usually cost between $300 to $500. These products are also from the top of the line manufacturers, but they usually offer less powerful or least number of features. Below is a list of some of the most notable mid range robot vacuum cleaners in the market today:

iClebo Arte

iClebo Arte is a product of the iClebo a company under Yujin Robot which is a Singaporean robot technology company that has been around since 1976. The Arte robot vacuum cleaner is the newest addition to iClebo’s numerous robot vacuum cleaners. It is the most expensive robot cleaner sold by the company.

This product features various technologies that are usually found in high end robot vacuum cleaners such as advanced mapped cleaning pattern, remote control, long battery life and is quieter compared to most of its counterpart products.

The mapped cleaning pattern usually determines the level of independence a robot vacuum cleaner is able to display, which means you can rely on Arte to do its job well with reduced risk of getting stuck or trapped in situations where it may need some form of intervention.

The only downside of this product is its limited suction power, causing it to leave a visible trail of dirt and dusts. Nevertheless, iClebo Arte can be considered as a decent investment if you live in a small to medium sized home with less or minimal foot traffic.

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Neato Botvac D80

The Neato Botvac D80 is another product from the popular Neato Robotics company. Like its successor this product also boasts a highly efficient mapping system coupled with a powerful suction machine, making it one of the most effective robot vacuum cleaner in the market. The sweeper feature and design of the Botvac D80 makes it an ideal robot cleaner for homes with furry pets. It also features auto charge and auto resume function, using its advance mapping system as a tool to detect where it’s supposed to resume its cleaning.

The only downside to this product is it takes long hours to get fully charged, resulting in delays in the completion of the task. It also tends to have a hard time overcoming cords and strings. Overall, Neato Botvac D80 makes an effective robot vacuum cleaner provided you do some necessary preparations to clear its path before it starts vacuuming.

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Ecovacs Deebot DM85

Ecovacs Deebot DM85 is another notable mid range robot vacuum cleaner and can be considered as one of the successful products of Ecovacs. This product comes with a remote control and long battery life. The remote control enables the user to easily toggle through its various cleaning modes and settings, while the long battery life of this product ensures that it spends more time doing actual vacuuming than charging.

The only downside of this product is its mop feature which easily dries up. It also has occasional struggles trying to find the charging station. In summary the Ecovacs Deebot DM85 is a decent robot vacuum cleaner option, but a bit expensive for the value that it offers.

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iRobot Roomba 650

iRobot Roomba 650 probably has the least amount of features and technology of all the iRobot Roomba products. Unlike its successors, the Roomba 650 does not have any fancy features, but it doesn’t mean that this product can’t deliver efficient results. Despite being limited to bare essentials, this product is known to provide good suction power and effective cleaning patterns. It uses the initial version of iAdapt Navigation which allows it to easily find its way around your home. The 3-stage cleaning pattern integrated on this product allows it to loosen stubborn dirt from your floor and sweep it directly to its suction opening. It also has the ability to automatically find its way to the charging station so you can be sure that it can independently complete its task the way it should.

The only downside of this product is limited battery life and lack of advanced connectivity features. Given this, it is safe to conclude that iRobot Roomba 650 is quite pricey, but is a good investment if you are looking for a reliable robot vacuum cleaner to help you maintain a small to medium sized home.

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Best Low End Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Even with low end vacuum cleaner, you can still find notable products that can deliver decent quality output. Most of these products cost less than $300 which is highly suitable for customers who are on a limited budget. To name some of these products, see the list below:

bObsweep Pethair

The bObsweep Pethair is specially made to strategically deal with the vacuum, sweeping, mopping and disinfecting needs of pet owners for their homes. The product is equipped with all the necessary features to help ensure that your home is free from contaminants and allergens that usually come from your pets.

Another highlight of this product is its large dustbin, which means less frequent discarding required. One of the things that robot vacuum cleaners have yet to automate is how these robot vacuum cleaners can discard their dustbins on their own, which is the reason why it’s a big relief if your robot vacuum cleaner has large dustbin. Meaning it can go on vacuuming for longer hours without the need for your attention.

The only downside to this product is, it has short battery life, which can be attributed to the various features integrated on this product. It also takes longer hours to charge the bObsweep Pethair which make it less efficient for spacious homes. In summary, the bObsweep Pethair is an efficient, low end robot vacuum cleaner that is ideal for customers living in a small sized home with pets.

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Ecovacs Deebot 35

Ecovacs Deebot 35 is another low end robot vacuum cleaner you’ll find in the market today. This product does not really offer much since it lacks all the added features that you usually find in fancy vacuum cleaners, but it definitely provides reliable vacuum cleaning for bare floor such as hardwood, tiles and vinyl. Its low profile design and efficient battery life are its strongest points, which is probably something that you’ll find in most robot cleaners. The one thing that is notable from this product is its price point, which is very affordable, making it one of the top choices for customers looking for an affordable robot vacuum cleaner.

The downside to this product is it lacks control and has a hard time dealing with obstacles. However, with a few pre-vacuum preparations you can definitely find this product able to deliver decent results.

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Chuwi iLife A4

Chuwi iLife A4 is one of the high performing low end robot vacuum cleaners available in the market today. For a low end vacuum cleaner you’ll be surprised by the number of features this product has to offer. Some of the primary highlights of this product include long battery life, programmable cleaning schedule and remote control feature. The long battery life helps ensure that iLife A4 is able to take on rigorous cleaning and medium to large-sized homes. The programmable schedule combined with the remote control feature offers great convenience to its users, especially those with physical limitations such as elderly and persons with disability. These features rarely come together on a low end robot vacuum which makes Chuwi iLife A4 a remarkable investment.

To sum it up, iLife A4 is one of the best and most affordable low end robot vacuum cleaner that is surely worth your investing on.


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Eufy RoboVac 11

Eufy RoboVac 11 is another remarkable low end robot vacuum cleaner that costs less than $300. This product works well with bare floor. Some of its primary highlights include long battery hours, efficient infrared sensors, remote control, HEPA filter and versatile cleaning modes. Long battery hours enable the RoboVac 11to sustain the same amount of suction power for most of its cleaning time or before it goes back to its docking station. The infrared sensors provide efficient navigation guidance for RoboVac 11, giving it the ability to find its way around large obstacles such as furniture and walls and protect itself from falling from steps or stairs. Added feature, such as the remote control, ensures that you can conveniently navigate through the features of this product without any hassle. You can also rely on RoboVac 11’s versatile cleaning mode to help you cover spot or areas that it missed while running on auto clean mode, while the HEPA filter does its job filtering allergy causing materials from the dust and dirt accumulated by the RoboVac 11.

The only downside to this product is it does not offer replacement parts. Meaning, if part of the RoboVac 11 breaks, you’ll have no choice but to buy a new unit altogether. It also lacks suction power, which is expected since it’s primarily designed for bare floor vacuum cleaning.

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This article contains complete information about the primary things that you need to know before you  start looking for the right robot vacuum cleaner for your needs. Being able to identify your purpose for buying a robot vacuum cleaner puts you in a good starting place. Knowing what to look for from your candidate robot vacuum cleaners help you efficiently narrow down your choices. Getting to know the strengths and weaknesses of your available options ensure that you get the best value from your robot vacuum cleaner investment.